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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Stops Around the House

 Sgt. Grumbles, our Maine Coon cat.

Today I thought I'd post a few pictures of some favorite things around the house.  I've decided I'm not a very good photographer, but my daughter isn't here today, so my pictures will have to do.  The two blogs I follow the most are Between Naps on the Porch, and Savvy Southern Style.  Part of what I really like about these blogs are the pictures they post of things around the house, and the way they share about their lives. I'm going to give it a try.  This all started  this morning I was thinking about the Lancaster area of Pennsylvania and how much we loved the area.  My favorite souvenir from that trip is a quilt I bought from Riehl's Quilt shop.

This collage of pictures near Lancaster was taken by Angie Tasnady MacFarland.  Thanks for letting me share it!

It's in a Trip Around the World pattern in all of my favorite colors.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  The Amish woman who made it did a wonderful job choosing all of the fabrics.

 What is it about a room full of books, and a cozy place to read ?This is my favorite room in the house.

I love books, and I love the warmth of the wood paneling and cabinets, and this room gets a lot more light than most of the house, when it's sunny.

I found this sign at a darling store in Eureka, CA.  .  This is in the kitchen, with my favorite toile wallpaper.  I know..toile isn't for everyone, but I love it.

An estate sale find, by Spode, in my favorite blue.

I found this set of dishes at a little consignment store in Santa Rosa, CA called the Treasure House.  I have it out because it goes with all of the green I have out for St. Patrick's Day.

A little tea set I found in an antique store across from Shoffeitt's Off the Square in Healdsburg, CA

I like finding small unusual holders like this at estate sales. Love the bee on top.

I think the one with a rooster may be a jam jar or maybe for butter, and the one with the acorns is for syrup?

This is the downstairs guest room.  I like the green paint, which is not as bright as it looks, and the fact that this was my Grandmother's bedroom set.  Our Maine Coon also like this room, as it often has warm sunlight streaming in through the window.

I love the Country French look of the fabric and trim on the curtains I made for our Family Room.

I love this book of old lace patterns, and it isn't even something passed down in my family.  It was a friend's Great Aunt's and the friend already had other examples of her family's handiwork, and was selling this at a garage sale.

I bought this pillow from France at a darling store in Healdsburg, Ca., Country Daisy Florist and Gifts.  They have a beautiful selection of French looking furnishings and gifts.

I finally broke down and bought a pair of blue and white lamps, because I couldn't find them at an estate sale.  This metal bird whatever-it-is was another find at the Country Daisy Florist and Gifts, and of course, more books.  I should have left my picture frames on this table.  It looks kind of empty.

This a part of the pattern on the rug that's in the Family Room.  I had been shopping for a rug in these colors, when I found it on the front lawn at an estate sale.

Child's chair from Ikea.  I saw them used this way in Kitty Bartholomew's book.

I like the way this chestin the Family Room was refinished to look old.  I found this at Sonoma Nesting Company in Guerneville, CA., and I think the owner did the refinishing himself.

I made this trumeau type mirror after I decided I couldn't afford to buy a real antique one.

I love the words that this 9 or 10 year old stitched.  It was done in 1842. Once again, I found it a local estate sale.

 This is a group of pictures taken on the day my husband and our 5 oldest children were baptized in the ocean.  It was a blessed day!  The kids and I gave this to him on the following Christmas.

 One of my favorite pictures of that day.  My oldest daughter coming up out of the water after professing her faith in Christ.  A day of great joy for this Mom.

This is all of the journals I started when I was expecting each of our kids.  I don't write in them often enough anymore.  I guess I spend so much time living my life with them, that I don't take time to write about it.  Our first child has a book full of memories, and our 7th has maybe less than 20 pages. 

Thanks for taking a look at my favorite spots around the house.  As I posted these, I realized that my favorite spot in the house is any room where my whole family is gathered together.  It doesn't happen as often as it used to, but when it does, there's a joy that fills this house to overflowing.  I hope you have a blessed day, and that all is well with you and yours.



  1. Welcome to blogging and thanks for stopping by. Yay, I am your first follower. If you want your blog to grow comment, comment, and comment. Also join any parties you can.

  2. Thank you, Kim! Thank you for the wonderful advice, as I know nothing about blogging, and I'm still working on getting the States posted, so I can get some comments.

  3. Valerie, It is so fun to see all these special aspects of your home! I have such wonderful memories in your home, and something that I've always admired about the environment you create is that its comfortable and lived in:) Thats definitely something i've had a hard time with in my last few years in my own place... every time I accumulate a new treasure I scowl at anyone who even thinks about setting a glass down, putting their feet up, or eating on/near it. I hope someday I can be like you and have a beautiful, yet completely inviting home:)

  4. Hi~
    I found your blog from a post my Aunt Deb made on FB!
    I have to say your home looks like what I have always dreamed mine will look like someday! We must be kindred decorating spirits :o) I love all things English, French and Italian. Books, toile, florals and kitties!
    I live near Eureka, CA so it was sweet to see that you had found a treasure in my neck of the woods. One of our favorite stops is the Eel River Brewery in Fortuna CA. Yummy food and delish beer (they make good iced tea too.) I love watching the brewery kitties frolic in the beer garden.
    Take care and I can't wait to read more!


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