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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Destrehan Plantation, built in 1787 in French Colonial style, remodeled to Greek revival in 1840.

We've only been to Louisiana twice, but it was so special that we are headed back there again this Summer.  The people we met were so friendly and open.  Almost like we were old friends.   One of our first stops was a seafood restaurant not too far from Lafayette, LA. that was recommended by a friend who was born and raised in the area.  We loved it!  We were able to try fried alligator, catfish, perfect shrimp, deep fried potatoes, and more.  I wish we had tried the crawfish, after we watched a boy about 6 years old finish off a huge plate, but not one of us was brave enough.  Maybe next time.

It was definitely worth the short side trip on our way to New Orleans.

Our friend said we should try a swamp ride, and of course our boys thought that would be great.  We called and set up a time to go on a tour with The Atchafalaya Experience, a Father and son business near Lafayette.  What a fun day we had!  Our guide, Kim Voorhies,  was full of interesting stories.  Not only did he know about all of the birds and wildlife in this area, but he also shared one of his family's favorite vacation spots, the Florida Keys.  Maybe someday we'll make it there.

This covered boat saved our little darling from the hot August sun.


http://www.gumboshop.com/  THE GUMBO SHOP             
630 Saint Peter Street, New Orleans, LA - (504) 525-1486

 this was one of our favorite places to eat.     

 My son isn't normally cross-eyed, but was spicing up the picture after getting tired of Mom taking pictures all of the time.  The shrimp po' boy was a favorite, as well as the gumbo, of course.

Big brother, and baby sister, having fun, as usual.

     French Market, 800 Decatur Street, New Orleans, La, 70116
Open 24 hours a day, closed 6pm December 24, opens 6am December 26

Don't these look delicious?!

You'd think the boys were starving by the look on their faces.  Once the beignets were brought to the table, they were all smiles and powdered sugar.

I couldn't get those beignets out of her reach fast enough. 

This nice street performer asked our son to join in.

The end of a long fun day.

We loved the time we spent in New Orleans.  The beautiful, historic buildings, the food, and the people were wonderful.  We stayed at the Koa West, and rode into town in their air-conditioned van with a tour driver.  He came back at the end of the day to pick us up.  This was about the only way to see the French Quarter while traveling in a large RV.  It was a trip our family will never forget.

New Orleans West KOA Kampground 11129 Jefferson Highway, New Orleans, LA 70123 (504) 467-1792 (800) 562-5110

13034 River Road, Destrehan, Louisiana 70047 (985) 764-9315

 This was one of my favorite stops.  Okay, the boys stayed in the RV.  They weren't interested in any more History lessons from Mom.  We learned about the history of the home , and watched demonstrations of indigo dye-making.

The bookstore was full of interesting books, but I only bought one, the Picayune's Creole Cook Book.  It is one of my all-time favorite cookbooks.  "New Orleans Creole cookery blends a fantastic array of influences: Spanish spices, tropical fruits from Africa, native Choctaw Indian gumbos, and most of all, a panoply of French styles, from the haute cuisine of Paris to the hearty fare of Provence."
  It is filled with hundreds of Creole recipes, including "fine soups and gumbos, seafoods, all manner of meats, rice dishes and jambalayas, cakes and pastries, fruit drinks, French breads, and many other delectable dishes".  456 pages, 50 chapters, filled with amazing historical recipes. At least 20 recipes for fritters alone.  There are bavarian cremes, tea cakes, ice cream, punch, bonbons, pralines, sauces, cheese cake, breads, jams, cordials, fruit granits, candies, crystalized violets, crackers, compotes, canapes, cheese, dressings for salad, and every kind of vegetable and meat.  Some I'd rather not know about, like squirrel and frog.

This version (the 1901, which they say is the best), is available on Amazon.com for around $12.

Please share your favorite places in Louisiana.


  1. I LOVE Louisiana. New Orleans is, literally, my favorite city in the World. I love the culture, the beauty and of course the food (especially since I was pregnant the last time we visited).

    The first time we visited in 2004 I tried the Shrimp Po-boy at The Gumbo Shop. It was, hands down, the best shrimp I have ever tasted. Then 4 years later, during our second visit to Louisiana, the only thing I really wanted to do in the US was to go back and have another Shrimp Po-boy. I was afraid that I had built it up in my head and it wouldn't be as good the second time. To my surprise it was just as good if not better than I remembered. I can't wait to go back.

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog (I know it was awhile ago but I've been MIA)
    I LOVE beignets. I order from Cafe Du Monde everytime I run out of the mix! I used to live in Lousiana but have never been to N.O. since I was very young. (My dad's family is from there) I keep telling myself that we will stop at the cafe when we drive to Houston but we haven't yet...maybe this summer!
    My son was born in Alabama in 00. We LOVED Dothan. Very pretty and not far from the beach.
    (We are a military family)


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