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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Week 3 - part one more of the Magic Kingdom

We are having a fun time at Disneyworld, whether it is hot and muggy or storming and wet.  It doesn't matter.

Saturday - We were in need of a little rest, and had no desire to go to a Theme park on a weekend, so we just hung out at the Fort Wilderness pool in the afternoon.  We walked around Downtown Disney and watched the movie, Super 8, at the theater there on Saturday night.  Downtown Disney was packed!!!

Sunday - We decided to go to Typhoon Lagoon, and left the camera at home so we could all spend the day in the water.  As we arrived the rain was pouring and the people couldn't get out fast enough.  We waited it out, and ended up having so much fun.  The park was pretty empty , so we could walk on to any ride we wanted to try.  The giant wave pool was crazy.  The boys stayed out there and would get walloped by this huge wave, but always came up smiling.  Emma had to join in the fun with her brother Gene, Trey. It was a little scary, but Emma and I braved the big wave together a few times.  Not out in the big middle of it, of course.   When I had to hang on for dear life to my shorts, I decided to get closer to the edge of the water. Emma had to take her Dad out in the waves, too.  Little Ty loved the waves out near the beach.  Small and shallow, with me or Gene playing with him.

Monday - We decided to hit Animal Kingdom, as they say that Monday is the busiest day for the Magic Kingdom.  It was a cooker, but the little bit of breeze really helped make it bearable.  We kept everyone covered in sunblock, and used our little battery operated fan with a water spray.  We were able to go on all of the rides we wanted to, and see the indoor shows, with fastpasses, of course.  When the Nemo show was over, we were told that we could stay inside because it was POURING outside.  Parker grabbed our raingear from the stroller, and we headed out.  What a downpour!  It was another full, fun, and yes, wet, day.

Uncle Tyler took this picture for his favorite ( and only) niece, Chloe when we on the African safari ride.

Expedition Everest in is the background

 Expedition Everest pictures taken with my phone.  I held on so tight, hoping I wouldn't do something stupid and drop it or something.

Having fun yet, Parker?  Oh, I forgot this face is because you sat by me instead of Trey, for once. Love you!!!

 Really, Tyler??

That's more like the Ty I know.

"Can we go again, Mom?"

Actually, Parker used his Dad's fastpass to go on it again, and Tyler and I liked it so much that we went in the single rider line, and got right back on it.  It was so-o-o much fun!!!!  The single rider line is almost always the best option at any of the Disney Parks when they are crowded, and you don't want to wait for another fastpass.

A rhino on the Safari ride.

We found this peaceful little olace to get some lunch.  It wasn't easy to find, but it was worth it.

 Sorry guys, this isn't the best picture, but it's the only one of you two together

Here comes the rain....

and the people.

at least the back seat in the bus was warm from the engine, and we didn't have to freeze from the air-conditioning.
Tomorrow it's on to the Magic Kingdom!!!

These are the only two pictures we took at the Magic Kingdom, because it was miserable.  The heat was horrible, and there were so many people.  We went back to the cool RV and spent the afternoon.  Trey, Parker, Emma, and I went back late at night, and it was perfect.  It was nice outside, it wasn't crowded, and it was open until midnight.  Yay!!!! 

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